Mobile employee managementFor people on the move

Increase business productivity, reduce costs, protect your mobile employees and comply with Health & Safety legislation with one simple download.

Our software offers real-time employee tracking solutions via GPS smartphones.

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Time & Attendance managementFor employees in the workplace

Locate and manage remote employee attendance across multiple locations using our simple to install, easy to use wireless biometric system.

Get an accurate picture of activity across your business with real-time updates and alerts via web-based reporting.

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Why Choose iPointlive?

  • Save moneyReduce exaggerated mileage and overtime claims
  • Improve efficiencyIncrease management control and reporting
  • Protect your employeesReduce driver distraction
  • Simple to install and useDownload software and start tracking in minutes
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Can you afford to be without iPointlive in this this financial new year?

Thousands of businesses could significantly cut their costs over the forthcoming financial year thanks to a simple downloadable app.

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A pioneering Midlands technology firm has been awarded a £10,000 innovation grant by Coventry University.

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