Can you afford to be without iPointlive in this this financial new year?

Thousands of businesses could significantly cut their costs over the forthcoming financial year thanks to a simple downloadable app.

The innovative app, from technology firm iPointlive, allows firms to accurately monitor business mileage, employee locations and overtime claims.

Once installed onto employees’ existing GPS-enabled smartphones, the software offers a complete minute-by-minute monitoring solution, relaying employee location, distance travelled, route taken and even the speed of the journey.

iPointlive director, Steve Cole, says that by monitoring all of this information, firms could soon make significant cost savings whilst ensuring better efficiency.

“With April bringing the dawn of the new financial year, firms should be looking to see where they could reduce their costs,” said Steve. “Our Mobile Employee Management app helps to reduce manual paperwork and ensures that mileage and overtime claims are always accurate. Even if just a handful of employees submit exaggerated claims each week, those amounts soon add up into hundreds and even thousands of pounds.

“Fraudulent claims, if not noticed, can also have huge implications for the firm in question. Any company that doesn’t keep accurate mileage records risks being slapped with a huge tax bill by HMRC.

“Discrepancies generated via manual time sheets or mileage claims are not only costly from a financial point of view, but also cost vital time for staff to sort out.

“Being able to track journeys ensures and knowing where all of your employees are at the push of a button also allows for best use of staff and resources from a managerial point of view. Routes can be analysed and changed to reduce fuel bills, and because the app also monitors journey speed, firms can actively promote a less-aggressive style of driving, resulting in lower fuel consumption.”

The information gathered via the app is relayed securely via a cloud-based reporting suite, meaning an overall real-time business picture can be generated instantly.

“Not only does the software have the ability to help reduce costs, but it also provides increased security for lone workers, with the added benefit of being able to immediately and accurately locate employees should an emergency arise,” added Mr Cole.

For more information about the app, which was recently shortlisted for an innovation award, visit www.ipointlive.co.uk