Press release: Make Your Company’s Mileage Recording Easier

As the festive season fast approaches, everyone is always grateful for a few extra pennies in their pocket. And fleet managers should be no different, says industry expert Steve Cole.
With an estimated four million grey fleet vehicles on UK roads, the importance of accurate fuel and mileage submission is vital for fleet managers claiming reimbursement, tax compliance and management reporting.

Mr Cole, Director of technology firm iPointlive, said: “Inaccurate mileage claims are becoming an increasing problem for organisations. The fact is companies that are still manually recording mileage run the risk of potential discrepancies and false claim submissions. Companies can save time and money by discarding paperwork and investing in the latest software, such as iPointlive’s innovative mobile phone app. The software not only simplifies the job by automatically recording mileage but also generates web based reports, ultimately reducing business costs.”
False mileage claims discovered by an HMRC tax inspection can also cost firms tens of thousands of pounds in fines.

Mr Cole added: “Our mobile app can also put a stop to any unauthorised journeys or breaks, by monitoring employees’ travel times. Journey lengths can also be analysed and re-calculated to minimise future mileage, which will help reduce fuel bills, and the company’s overall carbon footprint.

Business benefits include reduced costs, improved performance, reduced driver distraction and assisting with the compliance of health and safety laws.