Mobile Employee Management For people on the move

Monitor and protect your employees wherever they are, however they get there with our easy-to-manage cloud-based software.

Key Features

  • Effective monitoring of your mobile workforce could save your business money and increase productivity.
  • Real-time alerts and updates on employee location, attendance, distance travelled and speed from all your mobile employees.
  • Fully automated mileage reports preventing manual discrepancies and exaggerated mileage claims.
  • Real-time data is relayed via our secure cloud system and can be monitored from any enabled device.
  • Monitor driver behaviour and reduce driver distraction.

Time & Attendance Management For employees in the workplace

Our wireless, easily-deployable Time and Attendance system provides real-time activity updates accurately showing attendance, lateness or unauthorised absence.

Key Features

  • Eliminate time and attendance discrepancies with our easy-to-use web-based system that proves attendance at single or multiple sites.
  • Biometric fingerscan readings ensure the system is able to accurately record employee data without discrepancies.
  • Centralised remote management of multiple employees across multiple locations providing a clear and accurate picture of the business.
  • Generates alerts for non-attendance, lateness or other anomalies, enabling companies to improve service performance.