The Product

Increase productivity, reduce costs, protect your mobile
employees and comply with Health & Safety legislation
with one simple download from iPointlive.

Our innovative software delivers end-to-end real-time tracking and monitoring solutions via employees existing GPS-enabled smartphones, turning the device into a highly accurate tracking and productivity tool that works whether employees are travelling via company or private vehicle, public transport or on foot.

The software relays information to an internet-based reporting suite that provides a range of comprehensive activity and performance data, including general time & attendance, automated mileage capture, speeding and driver behaviour, through to ‘exception reports’ text and email alerts. Web-based reporting allows you the freedom to securely access their remote data from any internet enabled device, anytime, anywhere.

Driving Behaviour

Drivers using mobile phones are up to nine times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

So when you need to find out where your mobile employees are, how do you do it safely?

iPointlive software provides accurate location information via Google Maps, eliminating the need to call employees while they are driving.

The software also has the ability to monitor inappropriate driving behaviour, such as speeding, making and receiving calls or texting while driving, which can then be challenged and prevented in the future.

Duty of Care

Complying with Health & Safety legislation just became easier – thanks to iPointlive.

Knowing where all of your lone workers are and offering them real-time welfare checks at any point during the day not only provides reassurance to regulators – but most importantly gives piece of mind to you and your employees. Our software carries out one simple check to show that all lone workers have returned safely to their base or home, no matter what time of the day or night.

Privacy and Abuse Management Why we're different...

Few mobile phone-based tracking systems are currently on the market. The ones that do exist are often reliant upon employees telling the system when they start and finish their working day – effectively giving your employees control over when they are monitored.

iPointlive is unique in that it requires no such interaction from its user. Our software simply runs in the background whenever the mobile device is on and it knows when to start and stop recording data. The way it operates also allows for highly accurate information to be recorded and transmitted without compromising phone battery life.

iphonesDevice management features are able to monitor whether phones are turned off, have flight mode activated or have simply lost network or GPS coverage, minimising user abuse and ensuring consistent, accurate information is delivered.

Automated reports and alerts are generated and sent to management via a desktop notification or SMS text should set parameters be breached, such as battery removal or software uninstallation.

At the same time, employees have the assurance and certainty that within seconds of their working day ending, privacy is managed automatically and their movements are no longer monitored. They become invisible to the system and do not appear again until their next shift begins.