Know who is on site, when they arrive and what time they leave

Using tamper-proof biometric fingerprint technology, accuracy is guaranteed with our cutting-edge Time and Attendance system.


Simple to use, our wireless system means units are easily deployable at single or multiple locations and making time and attendance discrepancies a thing of the past.

Accurate proof of staff presence is recorded instantly using touch-technology.

Data is captured and sent via our secure cloud-based system 24/7 in real-time, meaning non-attendance or timekeeping problems can be picked up and dealt with as and when they arise.

Improved Management, Control and Reporting

The movement of personnel such as mobile field staff, security officers, contract workers, permanent or even temporary employees can be accurately managed.

Customers can be assured that required duties and visits have been carried out.

The web-based reporting suite gives companies the freedom to access their remote data from wherever and whenever they want.