Protect Your Employees

  • Increased security for lone workers, whether driving or on foot
  • No need to take calls whilst driving to provide location updates
  • Immediately and accurately locate employees in an emergency
  • Prevent speeding and illegal use of mobile phones


  • Download the software and start monitoring in minutes
  • Easily switch between ultra-accurate Google street level mapping and satellite maps
  • Receive alerts when an employee arrives on site
  • Create ‘virtual’ geo-fences and points of interest with just one click
  • Wide choice of automated reports available 24/7

Save Money

  • Monitor speed and promote a less aggressive style of driving, resulting in lower fuel usage
  • Eliminate unauthorised journeys and exaggerated mileage claims
  • Reduce fuel usage by allocating the nearest mobile employee to the job
  • Reduce costly and time-consuming manual discrepancies

Improve Efficiency

  • Reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint
  • Employees are less likely to start late and finish early, meaning more jobs can be completed per day
  • Cut down on paperwork by using automated timesheet and mileage reports
  • Record and analyse employee travel times and journeys
  • Increase management control and reporting